MAGNET team leader Hans van Meijl meets Dutch minister of agriculture

On March 6 the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Piet Adema, visited Wageningen University & Research (WUR). MAGNET team leader Hans van Meijl was among the group of WUR researchers that was invited for the meeting.

MAGNET analysis featured in EU Agricultural Outlook report

Today, the European Commission published the yearly EU agricultural outlook report, which presents the outlook for major EU agricultural markets, income and environment from now until 2032. This time, the report includes also a short chapter analysing some dimensions of food security using a selected set of indicators, provided also by the MAGNET model (see section 5).

Economic losses from soil erosion by water

Soil isn’t the only thing that we are losing from erosion. A new study estimates $8 billion in global economic losses caused by soil erosion reducing crop yields and increasing water usage.

MAGNET Analysis of Trade Agreements on EU Agri-Food

Today at the parliament (COMAGRI), Commissioner Wojciechowski will present a report that analyzes the impact of 12 Free Trade Agreements on EU agri-food, based on MAGNET analysis. According to the new study, the EU trade agenda is set to have an overall positive impact on the EU economy and the agri-food sector.