Ewa Tabeau

Ewa Tabeau

Senior Project Leader

Wageningen Economic Research

Ewa Tabeau has a PHD in mathematical demography, MSC in statistics and econometrics, multiple international diplomas in crime and criminal intelligence analysis, and many years of experience in research on demographics, economics, and in coordination and management of complex international projects. She is also an Accredited CEDR Mediator. She worked at the Warsaw School of Economics, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, United Nations International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and recently at WEcR. She has been with WEcR since June 2018, and previously in 2011-14. In this time she worked on research projects on global food and nutrition security, bioeconomy, urban food systems in Africa, global migration, agri-land regulations in Europe, and on ethics of farming data governance in Europe. Demographic issues, such as e.g. the population growth, aging, urbanisation, migration etc. are at the heart of her research interests, although developments in agri-food sector in Europe become a fascinating new research area as well.


  • Agri-land regulatioons in Europe
  • Research, innovation and technology transfer in agro-food sector in Western Balkans
  • Ethics of digital farm data sharing in Europe


  • PhD in Mathematical Demography, 1991

    Warsaw School of Economics, Poland